Wholesales to B2B only via (in Dutch) & (in German) of vacuum-cleaner dustbags and -accessories.


Variant Benelux

Wholesales to B2B only, with 80% of sales via website, throughout EU, and beyond. Variant is dealer of Wessel-Werk nozzles & Plastiflex Hoses for the EU. Variant is mainly specialized in an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner range.

Vacustock Retail

Wholesales B2B only, also of vacuum-cleaner bags and Vacuum cleaner nozzles, mainly the TOP5 – TOP10 fast-movers only. Delivers only per Full Truck Load (FTL) or Full Container Load (FCL) to distribution centers of Retail companies throughout the EU.

Centralized buying company for: Variant Benelux BV, Stofzuigermarkt BV & VacuStock Retail BV. Also fully automated Production of dust-bags all in 1 Building. We receive full truck-loads, 40HC containers of our products and raw materials to our 3000m2 warehouse with efficient loading docks with leveler.

In June 2015 we will have our own production line of dust-bags with packaging line of dispensers and poly-bags. As from 2005 the CEO Jos Bakker started with importing dust-bags from China. Now Jos Bakker will be the youngest owner of such machine in the EU, and we will be one of the 5 biggest producers of dust-bags in the EU. Besides that, we are unique in the EU, because we are wholesale & production in 1 building, all centralised.

The machine-park of 500m2 will be equivalent to ± 600 Chinese, and is the fastest and most flexible machine, what capabilities is concerned. We just finished our new warehouse add-on of 1050m2, so now total ± 3000m2 of warehouse+production. In our region, we are one of the fastest growing companies. Efficiency, automated and cost-effective working is our biggest goal. Only 3 men are needed to operate the machine, the rest will all be operated from our (web) systems.

Why Dutch-based production?

The most important reason for the decision to produce the dust-bags ourselves in 2015 (10 years later) are:

  • very bad exchange rate EURO to USD/CNY, it hasn’t been this bad for 10 years.
  • longer lead time as before
  • Container prices not steady, and fluctuating strongly
  • change of attitude of the Chinese
  • labour costs increase in China each year by 20%
  • independent production from our EU competitors
  • constant and better quality from our own productio
  • more flexibility in production/lead time
  • more flexibility in specifications

Microfiber Quality

We will produce 3 different qualities of Microfiber (SMS) material:

  • Economy
  • Household
  • Industrial with dust class M certification

Specifications Dust-bag production

Some specifications of our fully automatic dust-bag making machine:

  • 75 to 100 pcs/bags a minute depending on size
  • maximum width of dust-bag: 705mm (Industrial)
  • maximum width of dust-bag: 400mm (household)
  • maximum length 300mm for 100 pcs/bags a minute (household)
  • maximum length 1185mm for 20pcs/bags a minute (industrial)
  • We can fit on PP collars with ultrasonic welding and Carton collars with hot-melt glue on the dust-bag
  • print on the dust-bag itself with production date, company name etc
  • in-fold / Z-fold on the sides of the dust-bag of 100mm on each side
  • maximum collar size: 290mm length / 250mm width
  • minimum collar size: 63mm length / 59mm width
  • auto-bundling of the dustbags per 3 to 7 pcs. max.

Packaging line

Some specs of our packaging line:

  • dispensers variable in height from 32 to 65mm to accommodate different sizes of dust-bags (also fit through mailbox)
  • filters will be added automatically
  • dispensers will be closed and glued automatically
  • poly-bag auto-cut to size
  • poly-bag auto-close sealed on all sides
  • poly-bag with sticker or full-color printed top side
  • poly-bag bottom side always transparent